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Sunshine is a leader in sales, marketing and distribution of high quality consumer goods in the US. With 25+ years in the industry, Sunshine International deeply understands the US Hispanic market and the Hispanic product consumption trends of mainstream consumers.


With leading edge technological capabilities, great people, expansive distribution network we are positioned to provide retail, wholesale and food service solutions to our customers.


Sunshine International was founded on the principles of Integrity, Accountability and Results. With a best in class organization with talented and passionate professionals we look to provide the highest quality, value and service.





Our Team of seasoned sales professionals brings high quality products to national chains, regional accounts, independent stores and franchises in the United States.


Providing excellence in Service, Merchandising, POS Material, and Support through Demos, Promotions and Execution of Point of Sale Material.


Sunshine’s experienced, creative and bicultural marketing group works on positioning brands and products in the right stores and in the minds of the consumers.


Development and placement of the right marketing materials and promotional activities is key to build the brand and product awareness.


Service excellence through a DSD Network and Cross-Dock deliveries is key to our Success and that of our Partners.


We provide DSD (Direct Store Delivery) and Warehouse (Cross – Dock) distribution to key accounts and stores in the USA and Canada. We reach over 8 states in the USA via a DSD model and over 10,000 points of sale through partners.


Sunshine International offers a range of abilities and services using up to date technology. Our team uses devices ranging from hand-helds to easy to view tablets to manage sales, inventory and accounting. Our system collects information regarding product movement and sales within customer groups or specific stores and that allows us to better forecast and meet our customer’s needs.


With the help of today’s technology, we can provide timely and quality service and customers can rely on us to always have the right product at the right time.