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Network of global companies selling or interested in selling their products throughout North America. They trust Sunshine International to Market, Sell and Distribute their goods.


Experienced team in international business and import of consumer goods. Continually negotiating and finding the next fun and innovative product to bring to consumers.


Bi-Cultural team members with years of experience in their fields. Capable of analyzing and acting on the needs of the growing and changing American consumer.


Several distribution channels from Direct-To-Store (DSD) to Cross Dock or warehouse delivery. With a Range from Texas to Canada.


Up to date Point Of Sales (POS) system to provide efficient and accurate service whenever you need it. Data is collected and analyzed to continue to improve and provide the best service and products.

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Carrollton, Texas

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Farmington Hills, Mich.

Indianapolis, Ind.

San Diego, Calif.

Laredo, Texas



Madrid, Spain

Mexico City, Mexico

Toronto, Canada

Vancouver, Canada